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Thanks for visiting our ABOUT page! You may have notice with other websites you can't find what you are looking for. We like to give you everything you need to know, so here it is. 

My name is Greg Sproul and I founded Captured Listings in the Spring of 2015. After graduating high school, I followed my passion of photography by shooting senior, engagement, and wedding photos! Soon I realized how much I loved capturing homes the most. My family and I began flipping homes in Pittsburgh and our first project was a massive renovation.

We needed photos to sell our first flip, and I decided to perfect my real estate photography skills. It was so fun and worked incredibly well from the start. In no time at all, I was capturing real estate for a few clients, and they loved the results.

I knew that if some listings were sitting on the market and blending in with all of the competition, most realtors probably had the same problem. They were beat out by the people with bigger budgets and deeper pockets who dominated advertising space. We found that by offering the best value in Pittsburgh, we could get listings moving in 30 days or less so you won't lose clients who aren't seeing good enough results. I also remember Jeannine who said "you are so professional and I love your work. I am going to present your photography to everyone at my office!" I am still so grateful for that.

Today, we make homes stand out in an environment where everything is the same. Captured Listings is a full-service media company providing aerial photos, interior and exterior, twilight, Cinematic Video Tours, social media walkthroughs and more. I can't wait to meet you and build your brand together! Let's focus on SELLING! 

Thanks again,